The Prophetess Witch Excerpt

The Prophetess Witch

Chapter 1 Excerpt

“My dear, let me tell you something. Your mother may be a Christian now, but I feel the devil is not finished with her yet. If she was as high ranking as you say, I know she fighting something nightly. She may even be resorting to her old ways and confusing it with God. As I’m telling you now I can feel it. Is she coming here?”

I reluctantly answered Miss Deborah in the affirmative. If my mother knew I told her business, especially to someone who probably could see right through her, she would have a fit.

“Well, tell her to come to me and we will have prayer. There’s a group here that say they worship Jesus yet practice the old voodoo ways at the same time. They’re going to sense her the minute she hits Bajan airspace, and she is going to have to wrestle herself free before she gets to customs. When she gets to the house, there will be visible signs that they know.”

The signs had already come in multiple forms. I had been warned about the group before my arrival and was told that they often used cats to spy on people. The owners of the home I rented told me they never heard of cats milling around so much until Chuck and I arrived. One day I was in the kitchen and ran to the door to find there were two cats with their backs arched and howling at the top of their lungs. It looked like something had frightened them so bad that they took the bold step in their feral state to seek refuge inside of the house. I had never seen them come so close to the door. When I told my mother, she said sometimes they act like that because their bodies are possessed by a human spirit that no longer had access to its own body. Sometimes people would astral project without making sure there was someone present to make sure no other spirit occupied their bodies while they were flying all over the place. “You ever hear people say ‘Something happened down by the water?’ Something really did!,” Esther shared. “Sometimes people would leave their bodies and come back and find the opposite sex in there. Others would find somebody twenty to thirty years old inside their bodies, and then they go home to their families and say things only an old person would know.”

“And people would say they act like they’ve been here before,” I interjected.

“Yup. And don’t think kids are off limits. I’ve seen toddlers have their souls snatched and next think you know they’re asking how is so and so when so and so been dead for years.”

“Oh snap, Ma!”

“Talk about it!”

Another sign I received was a family of six monkeys who I would often see in the trees but rarely on the ground. I was on my way from shopping when I saw them circling around in the street in front of the house. Knowing that an adult monkey would chase anything in a skirt, I kept my distance until they disappeared into the bush across the street. When I approached the yard, I saw Felix, a little kitten I used to shoo away, laying on its side. The monkeys had killed it. That, too, was another strange activity that the home owners said they’ve never seen. It was after that incident I knew something was going on and Miss Deborah’s words came vividly returned to my mind.

Despite the strange events, I took comfort in a Pentecostal church that was a few blocks from the house. They were not the type of Pentecostals I was used to. They were somewhat more reserved and the pastor was not a fiery preacher like the ones I encountered back home. Instead he seemed very passive and uninvolved, almost to the point where it didn’t even feel like it was his church. He had a trusted minister, Prophetess Brixa, who had a lot of influence over the congregation. He trusted her to run the service when he didn’t feel like preaching, and she oversaw all of the church’s auxiliaries. No one could do anything in that church until it went past Prophetess Brixa. The church was small and therefore not too much responsibility for one person. However, I always felt that the undemocratic way of doing things would result in an abuse of power that would cause the church to err on the side of cult-like tendencies.

Chuck and I were just temporary residents, so I had no real reason to worry about who did what at Christ Church Pentecostal Assembly. However, I did wonder how my mother would fare. She had an aversion to controlling people because that type of spirit was a gateway to Jezebel. People with such a spirit controlled others with invisible ropes.

“Don’t you mean strings?” I asked.

“No, I mean rope because when they’re ready they will make a noose and hang you with it.”

Those with a Jezebel spirit could manipulate people without them even realizing, or convince you that what you know is false. If the sky is blue they will tell you it’s purple and you’d wind up believing it. If they casually say they need $100, you’d wind up giving them $200. Miss Deborah said the effect is like nitrous oxide. “You count to one, you’re still awake. You count to three you’re laughing. You count to six, you’re on your way down. You count to ten and they can do what they want to you and you don’t feel a thing. You wake up and say no harm has come, yet you can’t explain why your spiritual bite is gone. That’s how they get you.”