Crimson Sky

In her debut novel Author Nikkele L. Shelton tells the story of worlds colliding as the daughter of a voodoo priestess endeavors to take her own spiritual path while away at college.

crimson-sky“Here, she is your blessing. When she leaves, she will be your curse.”

Suzi, the daughter of a voodoo priestess, embarks on a journey to find her spirituality. After being invited to Bible study by Delilah, a fellow student, Suzi meets a group of strangers who assist her in her conversion to Christianity, a religion her mother despises. It was then that Suzi realized just how dark her mother’s world was and finds herself in a battle for her soul. Not only does she have to grapple with the truth she’d been running from all of her life, Suzi soon learns that the new people in her life also have a twist of their own. In the end, the battle between good and evil results in a drastic turn of events that cost one woman her life.

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