The Prophetess Witch

“Little did my mother know that she would eventually go toe to toe with one of the fiercest spirits in the church; the spirit of Jezebel.”


The Prophetess Witch is currently in the works! The highly anticipated sequel to Author Nikkele L. Shelton’s debut novel, Crimson Sky, chronicles the spiritual journey of Esther, a voodoo priestess who converted to Christianity. She finds that the Christian walk is not as easy as she thought it’d be as the dark forces that once had her in their grip seek to draw her back. Esther also has to grapple with adversaries in the church; ordained leadership who are wolves in sheep’s clothing and go to great lengths to undermine her. Without the intervention of the pastor to protect her from their scathing treatment, Esther is tempted to resort to desperate measures in order to defend her honor. In the background is her daughter and the story’s narrator, Suzi, who experiences her own setbacks in helping her mother fight the battle. The journey to clear Esther’s name will result in mysteries unfolding, lies revealed, and a great fall in the church.

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Crimson Sky

“Here, she is your blessing. When she leaves, she will be your curse.”

While away at college, Suzi, the daughter of a voodoo priestess, embarks on a journey to find her spirituality. After being invited to Bible study by Delilah, a fellow student, Suzi meets a group of strangers who assist her in her conversion to Christianity, a religion her mother despises. It was then that Suzi realized just how dark her mother’s world was and finds herself in a battle for her soul. Not only does she have to grapple with the truth she’d been running from all of her life, Suzi soon learns that the new people in her life also have a twist of their own. In the end, the battle between good and evil results in a drastic turn of events that cost one woman her life.

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“Crimson Sky is a welcome addition to American literature in a nifty novel which speaks to coming to oneself in a world full of influences and choices. Since the main character, Suzi, has a handle on what it is to be the child of a voodoo priestess, this story makes the pathway more incredible and enlightening. I love this book and can’t wait for more from author, Nikkele Shelton.”
-K.D. Smith,  Author of Crystal Stairs

“Crimson Sky is a rich and descriptive novel. It’s a page turner that leaves you wanting more.
-Patricia Swift

I read this book in less than one day. From the very start it grasped my attention and I did not want to put it down.
-Lemeicia Rambert